PortfolioUP 2.2 now available for download

by Kien Vu, 1 comment

About PortfolioUp

PortfolioUP is an image (and now video) uploader developed by Brightcookie for Mahara users. Images (and now videos!) are loaded directly from a learner’s mobile device into their ’My Portfolio > My Files’ directory in Mahara.

New features of PortfolioUp 2.2

  • Upload images and video from  iPhone/iPad library
  • Record and upload videos and images from iPhone/iPad camera
  • Use the Mahara mobile upload function (no installation of an additional plugin on your Mahara server)
  • Add title, desciption, tags to uploads
  • Create new folders for uploaded images/videos
  • Works with 3G and Wifi connection

Portfolio 2.2 has been tested on iPhone and iPad devices.

More about PortfolioUP

a moss covered tree in a forestIf a learner is a student with access to Mahara, PortfolioUP will be immediately useful.  The easiest way to understand why is to imagine you are a learner yourself.

Let’s pretend you are studying horticulture or … something with trees.

Imagine you are walking around the park and find a particularly beautiful tree. What a great example! Just what you needed for your latest portfolio. Take a quick snap with your mobile device, upload the image direct to Mahara’s ‘My Portfolio’ and you’re done.

Whatever you like the look of, wherever you are – so long as you have your mobile to hand – one quick snap, and you’re away.

Of course, the first time, you’ll need to provide Mahara’s URL and your username and password, but you can save that information and future uploads will be faster than you can blink!

Download PortfolioUP

PortfolioUP is available for download for use on iPad and iPhone from the iTunes App Store.

Android users: PortfolioUP will soon to be available for download from Google Play. For the moment Android users can contact us and we will send you a zipped file for installation or download from here.


Mahara administrators to turn on the Mobile upload function in Mahara

Mahara users need to set their own Mobile Upload Token in their account settings

How to use PortfolioUP

On your mobile device

  1. Download the app from your device’s app store, such as:
  2. Add your details to the Login Settings (and Save)
    • Mahara URL (eg.
    • Username
    • Input Token
  3. Acquire an image or video by either:
    • Taking one using the camera
    • Choosing an existing one from your library
  4. Review the photo in Preview and, if all looks good…
  5. Input image title and description
  6. Click Upload (this step can take a little time)
  7. Click OK
  8. You’re all done.  Now you can either
    • Acquire and upload another image or video
    • Go to your portfolio on Mahara to view your uploaded item.

In Mahara

To view your uploaded image or video in your Portfolio:

  1. Log in to Mahara (eg.
  2. Click on My Portfolio
  3. Click on My Files
  4. Your image or video awaits you!

screenshot of an image that was uploaded to Mahara from PortfolioUP