Lessons learned along the way

by Catriona Ward, 0 comments

Having been involved in the elearning industry since the late 1990s, I have discovered that the most important lessons I have learned have not come from completing courses, but rather from my experience in working with a wide variety of clients and developing a vast array of online content.

Lessons LearnedFor me every day is a ‘professional development’ day where I have the opportunity to learn something new. I have analysed, designed, evaluated, modified and tried again and in my extraordinary elearning journey have learned that along the way  …

  • Do not lose sight of the learner as the centre of this process
  • Do not replicate what already exists
  • Think how technology enables different ways of teaching and learning
  • Aim to create a positive and non-threatening environment
  • Remember that gradual implementation gives people who are nervous time to adjust
  • Use the communication tools to encourage, support and replace face-to-face exchanges
  • Do not think that you have to do everything yourself; seek help from those who have been there before
  • Share your knowledge
  • Do not expect it to save you time
  • Plan before designing
  • Consider the whole development cycle
  • Start small – think big
  • Establish feedback loops.

So what are your lessons learned? Leave a reply and share your wisdom!

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