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Brightcookie offers a range of elearning consulting packages to help you get started and guide you through each stage of your elearning journey. Our experience will help you save time and money and help you achieve your business goals.
Learning Technologies
Brightcookie understands how educational and corporate environments work. Our passion for learning technologies means that we can offer you a customised solution for your elearning requirements.
Learning Content
Quality elearning content is produced by merging sound educational principles with technical skills and expertise. Brightcookie will help you produce online training programs that engage your learners in the learning experience.
Brightcookie will support you and key members of your organisation through all stages of your elearning adoption and implementation, ensuring that your elearning strategy and operations are successful.

Welcome to Brightcookie Educational Technologies

Brightcookie is a creative learning development and technology company specialising in innovative and engaging elearning solutions for teachers, trainers, schools and corporate organisations. We provide expert assistance during all phases of the design, development, and implementation of your elearning solutions.

We take responsibility for ‘back end’ systems and processes so that you are free to get on with what you do best– delivering dynamic learning experiences for your users. More…


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