Using Twitter to expand the learning environment

Should educational organisations allow the use of mobile phones and social media sites in the classroom? Social media is used widely outside of the educational environment. However, with an increasing rate of inappropriate use and cyber-bullying, the reaction of many … Continue reading

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xAPI: It’s all about the experience

Learning is happening everywhere, not just in traditional SCORM courses inside a traditional Learning Management System (LMS). How do we capture and record data for informal, mobile and social learning experiences that happen outside of the LMS? Experience API Experience … Continue reading

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Online learners: Providing the right level of support

The student mix Just as you cannot pick and choose people who will be good classroom learners for your face-to-face classes, so you will have no choice about who will be in your online class. Even if you try using … Continue reading

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Moodle Mobile Video Assignments

As part of the 2013 Emerging Technology Trials (see credits below) Brightcookie has developed a Moodle Plugin and a Mobile App (currently for Google Android and Apple iOS devices) allowing the creation of a new Assignment Type in Moodle as … Continue reading

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PortfolioUP – the next version

The Brightcookie Development Team is keen to start on the next version of our successful PortfolioUP application. PortfolioUP is an image and video uploader developed by Brightcookie for Mahara users. Learners can upload images and videos directly from their mobile … Continue reading

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